Senior Errand & Delivery Service

What We Offer

  • Grocery Shopping -Our clients are more than welcome to come along on ANY errand, sometimes it's nice just to get out of the house.
  • Pharmacy Pick up/Drop Off
  • Rides to Doctor Appointments -We always wait patiently in the waiting room, you will never wait for us to come back.
  • Bank Runs
  • Light “HandyMan” Work -We can do things around the house like hanging a picture, changing fire alarm batteries, or fixing a stuck door. If we can't fix it you pay nothing.
  • Cable, TV, and Internet -Need help with a setting on your TV? We will help with that. No service charge or 2 hour window from the cable company to show up.
  • Hot Meals -Want an actual hot meal with veggies? Or, maybe a treat from the drive thru?

  • Retail Shopping -We will go for or with you to any retail store and handle returns.
  • Beauty/Barber Shop
  • Pet Services -We will take your beloved pet to the groomers, to a vet visit, or even for a walk.
  • Vehicle Maintenance -We can drive your vehicle for new tires or for an oil change.
  • Home Checks -Away on travel? We will come by once a week (or more) to gather mail, water plants, flush toilets and turn different lights on/off to make the place look lived in.
  • Family Check ins -If a loved one lives far away from you, we can do a weekly check in on their well being. We mask this service by bringing them an inexpensive bouquet of flowers from you or from a secret admirer.

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Senior Errand Service

We wear BodyCams

All of our helpers are supplied with and are required to wear BodyCams at all times that we are with our clients to ensure accountability.