Senior Errand & Delivery Service

Who we are...

      The Extra Mile is a Senior Errand Service started by the family that owned Good People. Good People was a family friendly hippie shop created to spread good vibes throughout Knoxville, TN.

         The Extra Mile is founded on those same principles. We Believe in Good People and aim to hire helpers that pass that test. We put you and your family members above everyone else in our company. To prove this, we provide and require all helpers to wear BodyCams at all times while working with our customers. This provides peace of mind for our clients and their families. We adhere to a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to our helpers.

             With our service, any client is more than welcome to join us on trips to the market, pharmacy, or any errand we are doing for them. Sometimes this is one of the few chances for them to get out of the house. We encourage this and look forward to spending time with them. We are extremely ethical and you will never see any hidden or surprise fees. We round down to the nearest 15 minutes and only require a half hour minimum. We offer “light” handyman services for small things around the house that would be too small or too expensive to hire a contractor or other serviceperson. If we realize that the job is beyond what our helper is comfortable doing there will be NO CHARGE at all, and we will assist in getting the right service out for them. Again, at no charge. Nothing is too small for us. We’ve gone out just to help a person with a setting on a TV. The whole trip took an hour and the clients’ family was thrilled to get this fixed for only $35.00 using our same day service.

          We also provide helpers to meet other contractors at our clients homes. A lot of our clients aren’t always comfortable meeting the cable guy or the pest control worker inside their homes alone. We can be the familiar face and assist with questions they might have for the serviceperson. (Always equipped with our BodyCams)

           Our core group is made up of three generations of our family. We treat every client with the same care, respect, and compassion that we showed the inspiration for this service, the Matriarch of our family. She was where all the goodness and kindness in our values come from. We were lucky to have plenty of loving family members doing everything we offer with The Extra Mile. Not everyone has that, and we are here to fill that void. We absolutely guarantee that our helpers are the nicest, friendliest, and most compassionate people you will meet. We honestly care about you and your family. And we’ll prove it.

Senior Errand Service

We wear BodyCams

All of our helpers are supplied with and are required to wear BodyCams at all times that we are with our clients to ensure accountability.